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How to Measure PR + Marketing at Every Stage of the Funnel

By Kersa Haughey

As marketing and communications professionals, you’re likely no stranger to the question, “What business value does this deliver?” PR and marketing play a crucial role in driving business growth, but measuring their ROI against a company’s bottom line is often viewed as a challenge.  

From creating awareness to nurturing leads and closing deals, every stage of securing a customer offers a unique opportunity for PR and marketing to make a meaningful impact. In this blog, we’ll explore the influence of integrated communications strategy throughout the marketing and sales funnel, including specific KPIs for measuring the effectiveness of each tactic.

By aligning your efforts with tangible metrics, you’ll not only showcase the value of PR and marketing more effectively, but also make better informed decisions to optimize your strategies. 

Use our interactive marketing funnel for a clear understanding of how integrated communications tactics support the customer journey — and how to measure them.

Reach Business Objectives with Measurable Communications

Marketing communications plays a critical role at every stage of the customer journey, from initial awareness to final conversions. While the ultimate business goal may be lead generation and sales, it’s important to note how PR and marketing strategy provides essential drivers at every stage of the funnel.  

The link exists between integrated communications and a company’s bottom line, but it takes savvy planning and analysis to clearly connect the dots. As heavy subscribers to data-driven strategy, we champion the importance of quantifiable progress and ROI. And we also know that measurement not only shows the value of our work at every stage of the customer journey, but also informs thoughtful and responsive programs linked to business success – something worth celebrating.