Instill confidence and earn loyalty, internally and externally.

Corporate communication extends well beyond what you do and your bottom line – it’s communicating what you stand for.

At a time when brand distrust is at a fever pitch, communicating your leadership strategy and values authentically and transparently has never been more important. Your values are constantly on display, whether you’re responding to a crisis, participating in a speaking opportunity, or sharing the latest update on your corporate social responsibility (CSR) program.

We work with B2B tech and energy companies on proactive corporate communications strategies that help prepare you to address the unexpected, articulate who you are, and strengthen your connection to the audiences that matter.  

Crisis Communications and Issues Management

How you respond to a crisis puts your brand values to the test, and a successful response requires a strategy in place long before crisis strikes. We’ll work with you to predict all scenarios to which you would need to respond (or decide not to). From there, we’ll put a plan in writing to identify who is called in and when, prepare pre-drafted written materials like drawer statements and Q&As, media train key spokespeople, and finally – practice the plan and continuously evolve it, so you can act fast and ensure brand resiliency.    

INK aligned employees and stakeholders across the company on a new brand vision and message and then made sure we were ready and able to deliver it.

Rich Dolan

Senior Vice President of Marketing, Datapipe

Executive Communication

The world we live in today demands agile, empathic, and informed communication from our top business leaders. Executives must be visible and transparent with external stakeholders and employees, instilling not only confidence in their company’s business success, but increasingly, also showing a human side to their leadership. Success here starts from within. We’ll work with you on a consistent internal communications strategy that keeps your employees informed, bought in on your mission, and ready to rally behind your brand.

When taking corporate messaging to market, we partner with spokespeople to ensure they’re delivering your message to key audiences in the right way, at the right time. Together, we’ll define your stories as a company and as leaders and help your executives share those stories authentically and purposefully across channels – from an employee all-hands meeting, to a broadcast spot on CNN, to a meeting with Gartner, to a keynote at SXSW.

Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR initiatives, once considered ancillary to a company’s success, are now crucial to it. More consumers than ever demand purpose-driven businesses and can easily spot – and call out – the brands that aren’t walking the talk. We’re here to help organize and promote a CSR strategy that reflects your brand promise, engages your employees, and aligns your internal and external communications.  

How We Do It

  • Industry positioning
  • Executive coaching
  • Corporate social responsibility (CSR)
  • Internal messaging training
  • Crisis communications and
    reputation risk
  • Presentation building
  • Speaker and media training
  • Executive brand and voice development
  • Vision and mission development
    and deployment
  • Issues tracking