Shifting Brand Perception to Drive Growth

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Rackspace Technology, a global IT managed services provider, got its start in hosting services and quickly became known for its “Fanatical Support” and customer-centric focus. With revenue over $3 billion and more than 6,000 employees, Rackspace helps companies optimize their digital and cloud operations.


Rackspace was seen as an outdated and less innovative brand compared to larger corporations like IBM, Accenture, and Deloitte, even after years of building new technologies and expanding its services and offerings. Despite Rackspace’s deep expertise and industry contributions, most people still thought of the traditional products it historically offered, and potential customers were unaware that the brand had solutions to their needs.

Shifting brand perception is never an instant fix. Rackspace wanted to find ways to grow beyond its reputation as an infrastructure expert to highlight its capabilities across the hybrid cloud lifecycle and its robust product roadmap.  And at the same time, it needed to overcome perception challenges regarding layoffs and executive turnover. Rackspace looked to INK to help reshape its image and position it as a premiere global technology company in the cloud industry.


INK’s collaboration with Rackspace focused on strategic counsel, and our team worked across the company with business unit leaders to develop a comprehensive strategy that would reshape Rackspace’s image from an outdated company to an agile and innovative organization. 

Our plan to shift brand perception for Rackspace included six main tactics:

  1. Refresh messaging. Brand perception won’t change by saying the same thing you always did. We developed simplified customer-centric messaging to better humanize Rackspace’s brand and create a market differentiator from larger players like IBM and Accenture.
  2. Implement the new message all the way around the horn. We were vigilant about maintaining consistency across all possible channels of communication. You want updated messaging to be like water, it should leak everywhere and fill all the cracks.
  3. Find the right partnerships. We engaged with media, analysts, and industry heavyweights who could raise awareness for the company while lending their credibility to the conversation.
  4. Get executives online. We leveraged executive social media presence to share news and thought leadership content.
  5. Seize the moments. We capitalized on key news moments to reinforce positioning and new messaging.


Our efforts paid off with immediate and long-term impact for Rackspace. INK’s strategy helped increase the company’s share of voice against competitors, top-tier business coverage, and important media relationships, all of which were significant contributors to a renewed brand perception for the company. And our ongoing focus on partnerships with analysts improved Rackspace’s placement in reports.

By leveraging effective messaging, media outreach, partnerships, and thought leadership initiatives, Rackspace positioned itself as a premiere global technology company in the cloud industry. Initial results indicated positive momentum and a turning point for the company, with a continued focus on maintaining growth and market leadership.