Your Marketing + PR Partner
for B2B Tech

In B2B tech, marketing communications leaders are navigating all-time-high expectations of their brand: audience experiences that rival consumer brands, thought leadership that reads like a top-tier magazine, multichannel campaigns on a fixed budget, and meaningful action to reflect company values.

INK has two decades of experience in multiple B2B tech sectors, helping leaders like you. We will lighten your load and keep your brand out ahead and differentiated in competitive markets. We’ll serve as a consistent and coordinated extension of your team, helping you scale your efforts and make data- and audience-driven decisions to drive the most brand awareness, engage the right customers throughout their journey, and ultimately generate more revenue.

Companies We’ve
Worked With

INK fit seamlessly into our workflow, providing us with data-driven benchmarks and opportunities for growth within our media relations, content and digital strategies.

Jonathan Kanarek

Chief Operating Officer, BuildFax

20 Years of B2B Tech
Marketing Experience

We know your business. With two decades of experience working in B2B tech marketing and communications, we’ve grown our roster of clients across more than a dozen industries.  

Ad tech
Cloud services
Ed tech
Food tech
Health tech

Retail tech
AI and ML
AR and VR
Logistics + supply chain
Wireless and IoT

Moving Past the Predictable
in B2B Tech

The opportunities are infinite to get in front of prospects — but which strategy and message combination drives the most value? This answer changes all the time, so your agency partner must be agile and proactive. INK believes ‘there’s always a better way.’ To find that, we must continuously measure and evaluate existing and alternative strategies, and make proactive recommendations.

INK moves past set-it-and-forget-it methods, catapulting your brand into new territory — the place where leaders reside. In crowded industries like cybersecurity, fintech, insuretech, data solutions, and really most B2B tech sectors, INK knows how to help you move beyond what’s predictable to what’s possible.

Maximize Marketing Value

It’s time to rethink what’s possible with your communications program. INK can help you maximize your marketing value through:

  • Audience-centered B2B communications 
  • Data-driven B2B marketing strategies 
  • Integrated B2B marketing program planning and amplification

INK as a Partner

As an extension of your team, we’ll partner with you to navigate the changing B2B tech landscape. We provide the expertise you need to scale your programs and drive results that matter. Our proactive approach and flexible, scalable programs empower you to meet your communications challenges head on and evolve your marketing strategies with confidence.

How We Do It

  • Public relations
  • Corporate communications
  • Digital marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Creative services
  • Brand strategy