Taking CES by Storm

INK began working with SiFive, a semiconductor company, during a time of tremendous growth. With increasing demand and competition, SiFive relied on INK to set the right tone with media, analysts, and partners. INK saw SiFive’s inaugural attendance at CES as a prime opportunity to position the company as a trailblazer and leading commercial provider of RISC-V.


Before working with INK, SiFive dedicated years to building its proprietary chip design platform and technology ecosystem. SiFive is focused on making silicon for emerging technology more accessible. But when it came time to reintroduce itself as the mature visionary in the silicon market, the company wanted to expand its earned media footprint beyond trade publications to include broader technology and business outlets.

As CES veterans, we knew that making an impact at CES hinged upon early media and analyst outreach.


In the months leading up to CES, INK worked with SiFive to develop unified branding and messaging. CES allowed us to test these messages and then adjust them based on what resonated with our intended audiences. We prepared a clear vision to share with influencers at the event: every device at CES could be improved with a SiFive RISC-V processor.

SiFive EE News Europe Article

Before CES kicked off, SiFive announced its partnership with Ceva, a leading provider of embedded chip solutions. The two companies joined forces to create embedded AI processors for the mainstream market using the RISC-V instruction set architecture. INK used this announcement to demonstrate SiFive’s reach and leadership at CES, bolstering our efforts to secure earned media opportunities.

As another critical component in our CES strategy, SiFive participated in two of the many high-profile media events at the conference: Pepcom and Unveiled. Securing spots for these particular events put SiFive in front of a wide range of media and analysts, particularly those in the hardware space.

INK was instrumental in helping position SiFive as a visionary through excellent messaging and creative support, combined with superior relationships and experience.

James Prior

Head of Global Communications, SiFive


SiFive’s inaugural CES was a huge success, as the company garnered significant coverage and media interest from a range of markets. INK secured unique coverage of SiFive in more than 14 publications, held seven briefings, and met with more than 40 analysts and reporters across the event. In the weeks following CES, INK maintained SiFive’s momentum and secured more than 11 unique pieces coverage for a new hire announcement in publications including Business Insider, Axios, Fortune, and Wired.

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