Fill your funnel and satisfy your sales team.

We help you strengthen relationships with prospects and produce qualified leads, all while building your brand through content marketing.

Lead generation doesn’t mean sweeping people into a marketing funnel and hoping they come out the other side. It’s a continual process that has to address every stage of the sales cycle.

By getting to know your prospective customers, we can connect them with your brand throughout their buyer journey. And then, when they’re ready to convert, we make sure your company is top of their list.

We operate with the understanding that no two sales cycles are the same. Especially with the various decision-makers involved in a B2B purchase. We help you tackle your unique funnel and make sure that every audience gets what they need from your content marketing initiatives at the right time.

INK turns complex data into authentic content our audience has come to rely on.

Morgan Grevey

Director of Marketing, BuildFax

Our approach begins with research and segmentation – learning more about ‘the who’ behind your prospects. What challenges do they face and how can your company help? Who needs to buy into the decision and what information do they need to feel comfortable doing so? This enables us to create content marketing strategies that speaks directly to each audience. We’ll also ensure that your brand is providing benefit, not just listing benefits.

With data to back up our understanding of your audiences and their journeys, we design a program that will keep them moving down the funnel. We drive awareness with public relations, email marketing, and digital advertising. We support purchase consideration with gated content, social media, digital retargeting, and paid search. Once a lead becomes a customer, we can grow that relationship and foster loyalty with strategies like content marketing, community management, and exclusive promotions.

Above all, we have to know what’s working and what isn’t. We track, optimize, and measure these activities through programmatic partners and platforms like Google Analytics, Google Ads, and Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter ad managers. This helps us stay agile in our content marketing efforts and focus on the strategies that are filling your funnel most effectively.

How We Do It

  • Content strategy
  • Content marketing
  • Interactive content
  • Email marketing
  • Demand generation
  • Paid social
  • Search and programmatic advertising
  • Video campaigns
  • Sales collateral creation
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Platform recommendations
  • Social lead generation