Attracting Insurance Leads with Real-Time Disaster Data

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CoreLogic is a leading provider of consumer, financial, and property data. To drive leads from B2B insurance customers, CoreLogic wanted to showcase the strength of its catastrophe risk data by offering detailed, real-time information on impending and ongoing disasters. With this information in hand, communities and insurers would be able to better prepare for, respond to, and recover from natural disasters.


Ahead of hurricane season, CoreLogic set a goal to dominate the media landscape and become the go-to source for catastrophe response data. However, the company needed to react faster to natural disasters and get its information out quickly enough to be valuable to reporters covering the breaking news cycle. CoreLogic partnered with INK to overhaul its processes, prepare spokespeople, and develop a media and content strategy that allowed it to react in record time.

INK not only executes, but they also take the time to really understand our products and solutions, so they can target key audiences and drive interest.

Anita Tulsiani

4x INK client, CoreLogic, eXp Realty,, Carpe Data


INK’s Integrated Approach

  • Content: We developed press release templates in advance, ready for rapid deployment as storms approached.
  • Media: We positioned CoreLogic to be first and most accurate with market-specific insights, pre-approved templates, and prepared executives.
  • Digital: We expanded CoreLogic’s audience through a content hub and targeted digital campaigns, driving engagement and building credibility.

Phase 1: Align on Purpose and Message

We collaborated with CoreLogic to align on a clear message and purpose for the campaign, ensuring consistency across all communications.

Phase 2: Promote Start of Hurricane Season Report

We promoted a comprehensive report at the beginning of the hurricane season to establish CoreLogic’s authority and provide valuable insights to the market.

Phase 3: Launch Hazard HQ™ Content Hub

We introduced Hazard HQ™, the insurance industry’s go-to resource for real-time catastrophe response data, driving traffic to CoreLogic’s insights.

Phase 4: Activate Around Real-Time Hazard Content

We maintained agility in our communications strategy, quickly disseminating real-time hazard information through Hazard HQ™.

Phase 5: Analyze and Plan for Next Year

Post-campaign, we conducted a thorough analysis and began planning for the next hurricane season, building on our successes and refining our approach.


By the end of the campaign, INK’s integrated approach had significantly enhanced CoreLogic’s market presence and engagement. The launch of Hazard HQ™ resulted in 253 million media impressions and 10 million digital impressions, driving a substantial increase in brand visibility. Our efforts contributed to a pipeline of 1 million insurance policy sign-ups.

Additionally, CoreLogic achieved an 88% share of voice in hurricane season data, up 15 points from the previous year. The campaign generated over 300 original articles in prominent media outlets, and a webinar on Hurricane Florence garnered 780 registrations within 26 hours. Targeted digital campaigns and PR activities also led to a 184% increase in new users and a 230% increase in web visits.

CoreLogic successfully positioned itself as the leading authority in catastrophe response data, reinforcing its credibility and thought leadership in the insurtech industry.