Build brand trust with generous expertise.

Real thought leadership doesn’t come easy. It takes guts, passion, and a willingness to think differently.

Thought leaders are people who share forward-looking ideas without expectation of a direct return. They play a role in defining and guiding their industry. And above all, their perspective demonstrates your company’s talent and experience. This, in turn, helps to elevate the credibility and value of your brand.

INK helped us to build CSID’s brand value leading up to acquisition by Experian through excellent thought leadership and data-driven content.

Cody Gredler

Director of Marketing and Communications, CSID

At INK, we view thought leadership through a few different lenses when building programs for B2B tech and energy companies.

Executive Thought Leadership

This strategy is about being a visionary leader. It means identifying the areas that no one else is talking about. Making bold predictions. Going against the grain.

For some companies, thought leadership comes from C-suite executives. For others, it’s driven by a bench of subject matter experts. We find the intersection between people’s unique expertise and passions, industry trends and interests, and their company’s focus and mission. Then we help share those ideas through earned, owned, and shared marketing channels.


As established experts, your thought leaders also have the chance to comment on breaking news and trends as they occur. Journalists and industry analysts look for trusted sources who are willing to give a strong point of view on short notice.

Our public relations pros build your thought leadership by cementing relationships with media and analysts you need to know. As a result, we can act quickly with a statement and get your subject matter experts quoted in trending stories.

Data-driven Thought Leadership

With original research or owned data, your business tells a story that no one else can. By combining unique data with your expert analysis, we help you produce the educational content your audience is seeking out.

This content can take the form of reports, infographics, or even webinars. In turn, we use these to feed speaking, media, and lead generation opportunities that build further momentum. 

In short, your team at INK will advise you on where, when, and to whom you should direct your thought leadership. We’ll guide your channel strategy and your talking points to ensure they reach the right people and support your business objectives.

How We Do It

  • Speaking engagements
  • Contributed articles
  • Original research
  • Proprietary data
  • Data-driven content
  • Interactive content
  • Content marketing
  • Media training
  • Blogs
  • Video production
  • Social media
  • Public relations