Define the face, voice, and purpose behind your company.

A clear, unified brand strategy can be your biggest competitive advantage.

Your brand strategy brings together written positioning and visual brand identity. It shows what your company stands for and how it’s different from others in its market. A well-defined brand will lay the foundation to grow brand awareness and strengthen brand equity. It also enables us to build more impactful PR and marketing programs that track toward long-term goals.

At INK, our brand strategy process aims to distinguish B2B tech and energy companies in the hearts and minds of their target audiences.

From Research to Positioning

We assess your existing brand position through stakeholder interviews and plenty of research. Research on the industry, your competitors, and your business. These insights inform our positioning workshop with your team. During this half-day blitz, we’ll align on your brand’s vision and its challenges and opportunities. We use this session to dig into your audience – their goals, needs, and personalities. And to understand how your brand will resonate with customers.

Using the data from our research and the workshop, we create persona-driven brand positioning. This informs a messaging framework and visual identity for your brand. We cut out the jargon and product-centric messaging, so your business is positioned to solve customer challenges. And your visual brand identity works to evoke the feeling and experience of the brand and further amplify its message.

INK crafted our story through smart market research and an innovative messaging workshop that produced a differentiated positioning that we would not have achieved on our own.

Dan Newton


Testing, Training, and the Full Roll Out

Then it’s time to assess how your brand positioning will impact the people it stands to serve. We run message and concept testing through surveys, focus groups, and audience interviews. And to make sure everyone on your team is on the same page, we train executives and employees on the updated messaging.

Once your brand strategy is in place, you can go after new portions of the market and focus your resources on a clearly-defined vision. Your written positioning and visual identity will guide how your brand communicates. They can inform website strategy, social media activities, sales collateral, and more.

Need help with those too? We’ve got you covered.

How We Do It

  • Content audit
  • Competitive landscape audit
  • Market audit
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Customer interviews
  • Brand positioning workshop
  • Written positioning
  • Visual identity
  • Brand personality
  • Concept testing