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Bring your brand to life with thoughtful creative.

Your brand is more than just a pretty face, but first impressions are still important.

When communicating the substance of your business – your mission, messaging, and differentiation – a strong visual brand plays a critical role. It captures attention, evokes emotion, and builds familiarity and trust.

Our in-house designers are masters of the first impression (and the second, third, and four-thousandth). They are a vital part of our integrated teams at INK, providing creative strategy, upholding brand integrity, evolving visual positioning, and applying it across campaigns and channels for our B2B tech and energy clients.

Whether we’re acting as stewards of your existing brand or the catalyst for a brand evolution, we’re here to give you a polished competitive edge. Thoughtful creative executions not only improve communications – they accelerate marketers toward their goals. In the words of Thomas J. Watson Jr., former chairman and CEO of IBM: “good design is good business.” 

INK helps CORT push the visual boundaries of our brand on social media by creating engaging content that inspires and informs our key audiences across verticals.

Mindy Oliver

Director of Online Business, Media and Analytics, CORT

Creativity with Intention

Asking questions is an art form we’re proud of – and one that yields the strongest work. We aim to understand the root of every creative challenge we’re tackling. And sometimes, we even uncover a reason to pivot into uncharted territory. Without this curiosity, our work would begin and end with “looking pretty.” Smart questions lead to smart design.

When approaching a project, we consider every application of your brand to ensure cohesion and create a consistent experience. Whether we’re creating a GIF for Twitter, developing a marketing one-pager, or mapping out plans for a brand evolution, the ‘why’ is always as important as the ‘how.’ We practice intentional design rooted in a set brand strategy, regardless of project or scope. And when ideas need to move quickly, we’re nimble, flexible, and even scrappy. 

An Audience-Centered Approach

Like every aspect of our communications at INK, creative assets are channel-specific and reflect the needs of your target audiences. We aim to shape the perception of your business through persuasive design that’s aligned with your brand positioning and personas.

How and where will they see these branded elements come to life? How will they interact with them? What format do they prefer to engage with? What do we want them to gain from the experience? What needs and questions can we answer? By asking and answering these questions in the design phase, we’re able to balance form and function.

How We Do It

  • Graphic design
  • Art direction
  • Brand identity
  • Animation
  • Video production
  • Photography
  • Digital design
  • Interactive content
  • Data visualization
  • Social media graphics
  • Brainstorm facilitation
  • Event and trade show support
  • Marketing materials
  • Web design
  • Web development