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Data Storytelling: Turn Your Data Into Your Next Marketing Asset

By INK Team

As marketers, we’re on a quest to strike gold. Identifying the right strategy that will lead to the most impactful business results requires us to fine-tune different marketing approaches. Data storytelling – using the data powering your business to create compelling content – creates an opportunity worth exploring. This content goes beyond statistics and third-party research. It uses big data (whether product, customer intelligence, or aggregated industry data) to answer some of your audience’s most pressing questions. 

But data storytelling takes more than analytics. Identifying the right data and building a narrative that will resonate with your target audiences requires research and customer understanding. You’ll also need collaboration between your data science experts and your marketing team to marry art and science. 

In this white paper, you’ll find the data storytelling tools to identify if your data could be your next content marketing opportunity. You’ll also learn the process for turning raw data into a data story. One with the insights to keep your customers, the media, and industry peers coming back.