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Focus on What You Can Affect: Your Attitude and Your Effort

By Starr Million Baker

Last week, I had the pleasure of watching Joe Buck interview Jimmy Johnson. Cowboys fans that we are, of course this is what my husband and I had recorded for our evening viewing pleasure.

Jimmy was talking about how in football there are things you can control, and things you cannot. We are born with innate tendencies to be able to be great at certain things – that’s talent, and not within our control. But what can be controlled is attitude and effort. In his opinion, those two things combined are what made up a player’s performance, and what he, as a coach, and they, as a player and a person, could affect.

He wrote it out as an equation all could remember: PA + E = P.  Positive attitude plus effort equals performance.

This philosophy can be applied to our lives in client service so much (and our lives in general, really). Many times in a day – sometimes all day! – things happen that are beyond our control. But what we can control is our attitude (make it positive) and our effort (make it strong). INKers, day in and day out, bring the PA and the E, which is why INK’s P is so badass.

We’ll keep it going.