The media is raising the bar for their stories higher than ever. With huge issues like a pandemic, healthcare, economic recovery, and racial justice to cover, they are laser-focused on what matters most to the public. At the same time, reporters and outlets are grappling with diminishing staff and resources. They need their public relations (PR) peers to raise their standards as well.

With the current state of journalism, PR professionals, agencies, and in-house teams must be purposeful, resourceful, and useful. They’ll need to flex their agility and identify how their brands can help in the bigger landscape of news and public needs. How can you strengthen your PR program and media relationships in a way that matters for your business and audiences as well as everyday readers, listeners, and viewers?

In this e-book, we discuss what the media landscape looks like in 2021 and how your PR program can be attentive to its challenges while securing opportunities that drive impact for your business.