An effective earned media strategy evolves as quickly as the news landscape. And in crowded, tech-driven industries, journalists have no shortage of pitches flooding their inboxes.

To stand out and earn media coverage, public relations pros need a pulse on the media market. What challenges are reporters are facing? What type of stories and spokespeople are they looking for? And which earned media strategies garner success in specific industries? In other words, what works in cybersecurity might not fly in fintech.

Earned Media Strategy Guide 2022 -  an Interactive E-book from INK Communications

Our media relations experts pitch stories for B2B and B2B2C technology and energy companies day in and day out. Together, they compiled the latest insights and trends for communications teams trying to earn quality news coverage in competitive spaces. Use this guide to inform the next evolution of your earned media strategy.

Earned Media Strategy Guide at a Glance

  • Forces at Play in Earned Media: Four key trends in journalism every PR professional should account for in their media outreach.
  • Industry Media Deep Dives: Tailored advice for earning media coverage in cybersecurity, energy, education tech, fintech, health tech, adtech, real estate tech, and IoT sectors.
  • Spotlight on Artificial Intelligence: AI is impacting virtually every industry and reporter beat, making it one of the most consistent media coverage topics. Learn how to tap into the conversation.
  • Tips to Elevate Your Earned Media Program: Takeaways on how to get noticed by reporters, expand your public relations strategy beyond earned media, and more.

Meet the Authors

Allyse Sanchez, VP of Communications

Lead author

A public relations professional of over 12 years, Allyse is a self-proclaimed media junkie who specializes in placing the right stories in the right outlets at the right time. She’s led media relations programs of every size across various industries, from mid-stage startups to publicly traded companies in real estate tech, adtech, AI and other B2B tech industries. In 2017, Allyse was recognized by the Stevie Awards as Communications Professional of the Year.

Industry Media Experts

Contributing authors

  • Cybersecurity: Caitlin New
  • Energy: Caroline Harvey, Mallory Baker, Candice Eng
  • Education Tech: Mary Brynn Milburn
  • Fintech: Sami Sauerman, Caitlin New
  • Health Tech: Allyse Sanchez
  • Adtech: Bree Wood
  • Real Estate: Allyse Sanchez
  • IoT: Kristina Leal, Danielle Scotto, Candice Eng
  • Artificial Intelligence: Caroline Harvey