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The BTB: July Energy Media Trends Analysis

By Candice Eng

Welcome to the Energy BTB – your view into what’s driving the conversation in the energy industry. This proprietary look at traditional and social media landscapes comprises data from a treasure trove of tools and expert analysis from INK’s energy team. We pull from mainstream media, trade media, and social media from the previous month to determine who is talking, what they’re talking about, and why.

In our previous Energy BTB, we discussed the convergence of energy and politics. Speculation around the outcome of the U.S. presidential race — and the resulting impact on energy — intensified in the media. Falling oil prices and OPEC’s voluntary production cuts also saw extensive discussion, with energy production becoming an increasingly divisive issue in the American political scene.

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In-depth monitoring, analysis, and going beneath the surface of what’s trending is critical to bringing value to our clients. The BTB is just one of the tools we use to Be There Before™ for our clients. Learn more about the INK difference in our client partnerships.