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The BTB: June Energy Media Trends Analysis

By Candice Eng

Welcome to the Energy BTB – your view into what’s driving the conversation in the energy industry. This proprietary look at traditional and social media landscapes comprises data from a treasure trove of tools and expert analysis from INK’s energy team. We pull from mainstream media, trade media, and social media from the previous month to determine who is talking, what they’re talking about, and why.

In-depth monitoring, analysis, and going beneath the surface of what’s trending is critical to bringing value to our clients. The aptly named BTB is just one of the tools we use to Be There BeforeTM for our clients.

The Sitch

November is fast approaching, and while we might wish political discussion would stay in its own lane, it’s already having an impact on the energy conversation. In May, policy-centered discussions gained momentum across the board, largely driven by people questioning what the U.S. energy landscape could look like under two very different administrations.

The Biden administration, which we’ve seen regularly commit to advancing clean energy, recently announced plans to fix aging infrastructure and work alongside 21 states to modernize the electric grid. As hundreds of thousands of Americans have already lost power this year due to extreme weather-related strains on the grid, overhaul is critical. Alternatively, a second Trump administration would likely bring the rollback of several clean energy policies.

At the global level, we saw political speculation flow into the energy conversation, as increasing geopolitical risks and weakening demand drove down oil prices. OPEC+, which typically dominates global oil production, announced they were extending “voluntary cuts” in production through September. While the U.S.’s oil production hasn’t increased since March, it has also shown no signs of slowing. As the U.S. government has tried to regulate oil producers closely in recent history, energy production is now a major political dividing line. With the first presidential debate slated for later this month, we expect this conversation is just getting started.

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