Energy Public Relations

Roundtable: Creating an EV Marketing Strategy as the Industry Skyrockets

By Abby O'Connor

The EV industry has reached a major inflection point within the energy transition, firmly planting its flag as the future of transportation. By 2030, 40% of total passenger car sales are expected to be electric, according to S&P Global, not to mention the adoption of electric fleets, buses, and off-road vehicles. 

As e-mobility flourishes, it increasingly bumps up against a challenge faced by all emerging industries — communicating new concepts to highly skeptical audiences. Because of this, electric vehicle companies need communications and marketing strategies that will work double time, both differentiating their brand from competitors and working to educate consumers on the industry and its technologies. 

To explore the nuances of EV marketing strategy, I sat down with three of our industry experts and discussed how communicators can take steps to lead the conversation and set the industry up for long-term success.