Updated in light of COVID-19. See section: Media Relations in a Global Crisis.

The media business is in an ever-state of flux. Once fueled primarily by advertising dollars, it has given way to the rise of subscriptions, paywalls, and branded content. Reporters are contending with a media environment where news is always-on and national stories can break at the drop of a tweet. And at the same time, journalism jobs and news organizations continue to shrink.

Shifts in the media mean shifts in public relations. With the current state of journalism, it’s more important than ever for media relations professionals, PR agencies, and in-house media teams to think carefully about how we communicate and work with journalists. How can we build relationships and secure the kind of news coverage that matters both to readers and to our businesses?

In this e-book, we discuss how the media landscape has changed, the major trends impacting the newsroom and business of media, and how these issues can shape your PR program in 2020 and beyond.