Measurement + Analysis

PR + Marketing KPI Cheat Sheet

By Kersa Haughey

When marketers take tactics and monitor relevant KPIs for every customer journey stage, a story slowly emerges. You’ll see how the effectiveness of a tactic at the awareness stage propels customers into the knowledge stage and further down the funnel until they take action and help you reach business goals. You’ll also gain the data to adjust strategies and improve results over time. 

Download our KPI cheat sheet to begin assembling your measurement plan. With this tool, you will discover the measurements for each marketing communications tactic at every funnel stage and see the value of your programs emerge. 

Measuring KPIs is essential to determining the ROI of all business efforts and how they level up to greater objectives. However, marketing communications measurement is often viewed as particularly challenging. Unlike easily quantifiable metrics like sales quotas or product uptime, it’s more difficult for communicators to define the exact impact of their PR and marketing efforts on larger business goals

To determine the KPIs that best measure your impact, it helps to get back to basics — the marketing funnel. It’s a classic for a reason: the inverted triangle clearly illustrates how customers move from awareness to knowledge to interest and finally to action, with the pool shrinking through every stage.