Brand Strategy

The Power of a B2B Brand Personality

By INK Team

As marketers, we strive to create an emotional connection with our customers; to build a relationship that outlives our last interaction. Consistency in messaging and visual identity can help shape a brand experience for your target audience. To truly stand out in their hearts and minds, don’t just consider what your brand says or looks like, consider how it acts by creating a brand personality.

Brand personality, or a set of human characteristics and traits that a brand upholds, makes a company relatable. A strong brand personality can build brand loyalty and equity. It also gives your brand an emotional foothold in the mind of your audience. This is especially important for companies with complex, high-tech products, which might be harder for customers to understand. By homing in on your brand’s behaviors, you can create a memorable character that guides the time, manner, and place your brand interacts with its audience. 

In this white paper, we’ll walk you through INK’s process for developing a strong personality. From conducting competitor and persona research to choosing brand archetypes or the big five personality traits, we’ll help you build a brand personality that can act as the cornerstone of your marketing communications strategies. One that satisfies your customer’s wants and needs and creates differentiation in your product category.