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What Your B2B Tech Audience Really Wants This Holiday

By INK Team

The holidays are upon us and so are the opportunities for B2B tech marketing experts to really ring in the new year with some stellar campaigns. Not sure what to promote during this busy time? That’s what I’m here for! Put down your list of hopeful resolutions, close that shopping cart you just can’t checkout from, and put a splash of coffee liqueur in your eggnog for good measure. Spoiler Alert: This is going to save you time and money (both of which you will spend on presents for people you haven’t seen in a year).

Repurpose your best content.

Have a bunch of posts about the same darn thing? Turn that content into an infographic to present your data in an easily digestible and shareable way. Did any of your 2018 videos drive a ton of views and maybe even click-throughs? Time to promote again! The only way to generate leads amongst animated snowflakes and sponsored ads for wireless speakers is to make your content stand out to your buyer personas. However, you don’t have to come up with a whole new campaign and content strategy. Get your design team on board and make on-brand, clickable content. Now, you can’t just feed those assets to every Santa out there expecting them to take a nibble. Sponsor your content with some paid dollars. Social bidding can get competitive this time of year. All the more reason to make sure your infographics and videos are in tip-top shop with a shiny bow to match.

Capitalize on successful graphic design trends.

Now that you know what content you’re going to promote, it’s time to implement some of the top-performing graphic design trends of the year to add some zhuzh to that shiny bow. B2B tech can get creative too. What will work best for your buyer personas? Don’t try to reinvent the design wheel that worked for you (and your audience) earlier this year. May I offer some suggestions from experience? I’m going to do it anyway. Pops of (brand-relevant) color, typographic focal points, light and dark color schemes, and the most realistic as possible stock photos are all top notch options. Implementation of these design trends is simple. Stick to your brand guidelines when scheming pops of color, font-based focal points, and switching up dark and light colors. Again, all of this promoted content during the holidays needs to stand out. However, you don’t need to go green, red, and glitter to do so. A subtle design spin will stand out just enough to drive those leads and conversions.

Time content with key events and optimal audience viewership times.

Now it’s time to promote this spectacular-looking content at the right time. I don’t recommend trying to spend your precious ad dollars on the busiest days of vacation time, travel, and holiday libations (December 23-December 27). Look at your engagement and clicks per social platform and determine which days worked best for your audience. Ensure paid and organic content is promoted on those days at a time that makes sense. Keep in mind that because the workflow is slowing down before the holidays, pushing content earlier in the day may be a good idea in order to catch your audience. PS: There are other things going on beside Hanukkah, Christmas, and New Year’s to consider when scheduling content. Determine what events relate to your buyer personas the most and consider large event calendars like this one recently published by Twitter as well.

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