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Next-Generation Sustainability:
Meet Project Boom

By Starr Million Baker

Every day should be Earth Day.

Countries, cities, corporations, and citizens around the world are getting onboard with that concept, and many of them will make commitments today of how they will carry the banner of climate action forward. We applaud these commitments and add our own to the cause. Allow me to introduce you to Kunal Botla and Project Boom.

Project Boom: Computers for Students

Kunal is a high school student in Massachusetts who was lucky enough to have a computer growing up, and grateful enough to realize he was lucky. When the pandemic hit, he looked around and saw that so many kids would have a hard time going to school remotely without the proper equipment. He started Project Boom to provide students with computers he and his partner Moe Frumkin refurbish – computers that would otherwise be thrown away or sit dusty on a closet shelf.

The results of the Project Boom team’s efforts are tri-fold: students get access to computers, people and organizations – including companies like ours – can use what they have to help others, and there’s less electronic waste added to the world. A literal win for kids, companies, and Mother Earth.

Far-reaching Impacts

Sustainability takes many forms and has many benefactors. Project Boom not only provides computers to schools and community centers, but also to other organizations such as homeless centers and to those transitioning back into the workforce. Recycling computers supports marginalized communities by bridging the digital divide between children and adults from all socioeconomic backgrounds.

It also helps to eliminate electronic waste – an area of particular concern to environmentalists (and should be to all of us who use a computer and live on this Earth), as well as one of opportunity for manufacturers. Sobering facts to consider: 2019’s e-waste included gold, silver, copper, platinum and other high-value, recoverable materials conservatively valued at $57 billion – a sum greater than the GPD of most countries. These valuable, usable materials were mostly (83%) dumped or burned rather than reused (17%). And where does it get dumped? Landfills and the ocean, where the hazardous substances like mercury come bubbling to the top and into our water supply. Not good. 

How to Support

We believe in Project Boom’s mission and will be supporting the team. We also believe in the creativity and wherewithal of Kunal’s generation to significantly contribute to solving some of the world’s greatest problems. With kids like Kunal leading the charge, every day just might be Earth Day.

Project Boom is currently looking for company and personal contributions of computers and funds. Computers go to students – after Kunal and Moe get them fixed up, at a surprisingly low average cost of $30 per computer, including shipping – and funds go to finance their expenses, all of which are public. The team is expanding its efforts to take in donations from and provide to more regions across the United States. You can learn more at