A New Approach to IT Messaging

HiveIO delivers next-generation technology to IT leaders to streamline the data center. The company’s Hive Fabric solution is a new approach to removing unnecessary expenses and the need for multiple vendors and licenses. When it was time to unveil the latest version of the solution, HiveIO… Read More

Elevating the Story to the C-Suite

For more than 60 years, the American Production and Inventory Control Society (APICS) has educated and empowered supply chain professionals. But in 2018, APICS launched an even larger end-to-end supply chain organization, the Association for Supply Chain Management (ASCM). Over the past few years, we’ve seen… Read More

The Power of Personas

In 2016, Whole Foods Market launched a new initiative to meet the demand for affordable, organic products. It unveiled Whole Foods Market 365 (365), a grocery store chain with a lower price-point than its flagship stores. After two years and four stores, the company had accumulated… Read More

Rethinking CSR for Social and Company Good

A pioneer in the payments industry, Netspend has spent 20 years on a mission to help people live their best financial lives. Each year, Netspend takes the money it might spend on a typical year-end holiday party and instead funds a day-long giving spree all over… Read More

Standing Out with Data-Driven Storytelling

Adtech companies like self-service platform Choozle have revolutionized digital advertising. Choozle’s innovative approach earned it early market recognition and fundraising success. But it still grappled with distinguishing itself from competitors with bigger budgets and more brand awareness. Choozle’s challenge was not unfamiliar to INK. To… Read More