Navigate today and prepare for tomorrow.

As many of our clients have stepped up their efforts to combat the impact of COVID-19 – on their businesses, the public, and the economy – our crisis experts and communications teams are working around the clock to support them.

We’re advising executives on how and when (more often!) to communicate with employees. We’re helping companies address the pandemic across communication channels while staying true to their brand voice, mission, and values. And we’re sharing our advice on the INK insights page as we go.

Moving “beyond business as usual” has always been a rallying cry at INK and a promise to our clients. Now, it’s an imperative. Contact us to learn how we can help you navigate today and plan for tomorrow.

How We Can Help

Crisis Response and Planning

The pace and breadth of the pandemic require everyone to adapt in real-time, and to do it again the next day, and the next hour. We recommend getting ahead of the next phase of this crisis and others with scenario-driven plans and messaging.

Employee Communication

The next challenge in employee communications is how to responsibly return to work. What are the policies and uncertainties that need to be addressed? What is required, and what is voluntary? Additionally, many brands are shifting their messaging and marketing strategies to reflect current customer mindsets. Employees can benefit from training and guidance on how they should communicate about your brand, and how they should prioritize their campaigns and initiatives.

Executive Communication

This crisis continues to demand agile, empathetic, and informed communication from our top business and societal leaders. It’s a humbling, empowering opportunity for leaders to change the way their companies prioritize and define success, to keep employees informed and inspire a comeback stronger than this setback, and to guide what action their companies take to contribute to the fight against COVID-19 – and the fight back to normalcy.

Strategic Planning and Research

The challenge ahead of us as marketers is to understand and anticipate the changing needs, values, and behaviors of the people who matter most to our success. And on top of that, to reassess our definition of success. What kind of businesses do we want to be on the other side of this crisis, and how can we retain our values and missions while having to make difficult financial decisions that impact lives?

Media Relations

Media relations priorities have shifted, but business is moving forward. Knowing how to be truly helpful and relevant to your audiences and the media who serve them is paramount. Knowing the mix of COVID-19-related content to normal business content that is appropriate and will be well-received is also critical. We are gathering data and maintaining relationships in the media and analyst communities to help guide your strategy.

Virtual Events

We’re reshaping in-person events – from Analyst Days to week-long conferences – into digital experiences that are engaging, well-branded, and effective in meeting the goals of the original event.

Issues Tracking

Our teams are monitoring news and regulatory shifts for our clients on a continuous basis. We are also tracking trends and opportunities in the market and can provide custom tracking and research insights to answer your questions and needs.